Here are the stages involved in becoming a Super Shuttle Owner Driver:

  1. Initial inquiry
  2. Initial interview
  3. receive remaining part of the information pack
  4. Applicant responds with intention to proceed or decline
  5. Application processed
  6. Successful applicant signs conditional sale and purchase agreement and pays deposit of 50% of franchise fee
  7. Commence licensing process as required (Passenger Service Licence (PSL) and ā€œPā€ endorsement)
  8. Apply and sit for P endorsement to drivers licence. Apply and sit for Certificate of Knowledge of Law and Practice (CKLP).
  9. Apply for PSL on receipt of your CKLP results. A letter of endorsement will be supplied to the applicant on request.
  10. Owner Driver contract signed and balance of franchise fee paid. Vehicle and trailer procurement schedule confirmed
  11. Training scheduled
  12. Uniform issued and on-road training commences
  13. Applicant becomes an operational Super Shuttle Owner Driver

If you would like to know more about the Super Shuttle Owner Driver business opportunity, download our initial information pack on this page.

Oversized luggage welcomed on every Super Shuttle